✽ We are affiliated with a number of leading owners/ airlines of commercial aircraft globally and with many prominent tour operators and corporations that utilize our unique chartering services.

✽ Well designed commercial charters are the ideal solution for some of our customers in transporting large groups of people: during peak seasons to/ from popular tourist destinations, as well as for religious, sporting and corporate events.

✽ Chartering an aircraft provides our clients with flexibility, as well as time and cost effectiveness that a scheduled airline cannot.

✽ We provide:

  • Dedicated check-in for the group/ passengers at the airport
  • Flight schedules and routes that meet all client/ passenger requirements
  • Branding of the cabin to portray client’s corporate image
  • A wide selection of catering options
  • The most comfortable seating configuration

✽ Overall, with our market knowledge, expertise and professionalism we ensure the best possible charter solutions.


Aviaworks Limited has affiliations with leading operators and through our portfolio and extensive network, we have access to all types of aircraft, including real time aircraft availability.

We offer short or long term ACMI leases (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance) to airlines around the world at the most competitive rates.

We provide aircraft under long term Dry leases to assist airlines that require additional capacity or to start-up carriers until delivery of owned aircraft.

We arrange various sale and lease-back options, to free up capital and to boost profitability.

We facilitate spot leases in various instances such as late releases of aircraft from maintenance checks, late delivery of a new aircraft or in cases of service delays.


We offer a professional, comprehensive, beginning-to-end sales service, including:

  • Sourcing of aircraft to meet clients’ requirements, for both commercial and executive types.
  • Carrying out precise aircraft appraisals using our qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Conducting negotiations and providing professional advice on aircraft price and delivery conditions.
  • Legal due diligence and terms of contract.
  • Bespoke financial packages arranged to support any purchase requirement.
  • Full support throughout each step, from identifying the aircraft or fleet, to its delivery and deployment.

"Services designed to lift your aviation business above the clouds to the top."


Aviaworks Limited specializes in the following consulting services:

  • Route studies, for routes’ expansion and for start-up carriers.
  • Aircraft performance studies.
  • Market research to establish potential routes’ profitability.
  • AOC issuance.
  • Crew training, sourcing and recruitment.
  • Financial and operational structuring or re-structuring of airlines.
  • Airlines’ cooperation and code sharing.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Equity investments and project financing.


In cooperation with the most experienced London-based independent aviation lawyers and Chartered Accountants, we facilitate trusted and tested aviation escrow and title services:

  • Reliable independent handling of all aircraft-related deposits and part-payments of funds, reports and documents.
  • Full service of aircraft title services; aircraft title ‘perfection’ in a fast and convenient manner.
  • Compliance and regulatory services, in coordination with civil aviation authorities in relation to sale/ purchase transactions, financing and importation and exportation of aircraft and parts.
  • International Registry filings and reports completed efficiently and effectively for the sellers, buyers and lenders.



We are one of the few specialist companies globally being experts in aircraft and airport sterilisation. We represent exclusively state of the art equipment capable of disinfecting 99.98% of the world's most harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores with unmatched speed, convenience, and effectiveness, using UV lighting. Disinfecting cabin and air ducts, as well as airport areas, effectively mitigates the risk of passengers/crew contracting infectious pathogens including viruses such as Influenza, Corona Viruses (SARS-CoV-2) etc.

Who We Are

Aviaworks Limited was established in London in 2013 and has since evolved into one of the leading aviation resource and consulting firms in Europe.

Within seven years, we have become an important player in the charter, leasing and sales market of used and new passenger, cargo and private jets. Currently, we have over thirty aircraft in our portfolio with a total net value of US$ 2 billion.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our clients with professional, cost effective and timely solutions to their aviation needs.

Out of London, we have a global reach through our network of aviation professionals in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

How We Work

We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading airlines, aircraft manufacturers, owners and tour operators.

We ensure that each aircraft or fleet that we deal with is a worthwhile investment from every aspect and that it contributes to our client’s bottom line at the maximum.

We are unique in the sense that we provide a full and personalized service, including tailor-made financing options, escrow, legal and operational services.